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    At CMA, it is our passionate commitment to meet each individual’s specific needs and healthcare goals. Membership offers you greater access to your physician.  By eliminating communication barriers and frustrations common in today's busy medical offices, we provide our patients with first-class care and personal attention.  At CMA, you can expect to benefit from a continuous, convenient relationship with your doctor and our staff.  It is healthcare uniquely designed with the patient in mind.

premier services include:
  • Same or next day appointments ~ most of the time, you will be seen on the day that you call.

  • Longer, more comprehensive appointments, scheduled at your convenience ~ you will have time to discuss your questions and concerns in an unhurried setting.

  • Preventative wellness planning ~ we will focus on a plan to promote your total health, not simply manage illness or injury.

  • 24-hour access to a CMA physician by phone ~ your healthcare is always just a phone call away.

  • Unlimited email, fax and phone consultations with CMA physicians ~ from your office, your home, or from overseas, your CMA physician is your partner in managing your healthcare needs.

  • Friendly support staff dedicated to serving your needs ~ you will experience a more personal relationship between you, our staff and physicians because we are caring for only a fraction of the usual number of patients.

  • Coordination of referrals to specialists ~ we will assist you with appointment scheduling and the transfer of information in order to provide you the best results from your consultation.

  • Facilitating hospitalization or emergency careyour CMA staff and physicians will support you to ensure that difficult moments and experiences are as problem-free as possible.

  • Convenient, covered parking
Home |  About CMA |  Conveniences |  Meet Our Doc | Our OfficeFAQ's |  Contact Us |  Map

Thoughts from those who know us:

"CMA is the most relaxing medical environment I have even been in.  Everyone has the time to sincerely acknowledge me and converse about my condition and solutions.  I feel better when I don't think everything is rushed or based on efficiency."

                - T. T.  Director of Research Mastholm Asset Management

“I realized this year that you really don’t want to go find a great doctor when you run into an unexpected health problem .  You want to have one by your side right then. Dr. Greenblatt goes that incredible extra mile to let you know he’s there for you.  I just  know I am in the most attentive, caring hands.”    
- C. B.

"While traveling on business overseas, I experienced significant back pain.  I exchanged phone and email with my CMA doctor and within a few hours I was on my way to not only some relief, but also the ability to participate in an important business event.” 
- K. W.
Senior Director, Microsoft