Bale Doneen Method,

Heart Attack and Stroke Prevention Methodology

We’ve all heard the statistics.  Nearly 800,000 Americans die of a heart attack or stroke each year.  Some with subtle or not so subtle warnings and others who appear to be a picture of fitness.

As we age, fear continues to escalate as we beg the question “will this happen to me?”  Many of us know someone who did all the right things and still experienced an event.  Why does this happen?

Since 2010, Dr. Larry Greenblatt has followed the heart attack and stroke prevention methodology, created by Doctors Brad Bale, MD and Amy Doneen, DNP – knowing that such tragedies can be avoided if we practice the right kind of health care.  “Standard of Care” is not good enough to reach everyone.

Heart attacks and ischemic strokes ARE preventable at ANY age, and we know their causes.  These causes have potential to be reversed.  This methodology also has the ability to prevent many chronic diseases, or improve those that have begun.

It starts by taking a proactive interest to understand the real cause of disease, by seeking evidence of the disease itself, by addressing all the underlying factors and by monitoring success over time.  This we call “Optimal Care.”

The BaleDoneen Method ™ includes these nine foundational elements and necessitates a paradigm shift in caridovascular disease prevention:

  1. Education: The foundation for effective prevention begins with patient education.
  2. Disease: Treatment decisions should be based on whether or not a person has cholesterol build up in their arteries.
  3. Fire / Inflammation: Events are triggered by inflammation, so identifying and monitoring inflammation is critical.
  4. Roots: Identifying the root cause of arterial disease is essential to halting the disease.
  5. Optimal Goal-Setting: Goals that modify risk factors is more important than setting goals around a standard of care.
  6. Genes: Utilize genetic testing to render individualized care.
  7. Individual Management: Patients are regarded as unique, precious individuals requiring therapies that are designed specifically for them.
  8. Risk Factor Response: Risk factors are identified and monitored by management for each individual patient.
  9. Assessment of Disease Response: Annual structural testing performed to insure the therapies are having a positive effect on the atherosclerotic disease process.
Bale Doneen Method

Dr. Greenblatt is a speaker for the BaleDoneen Method ™ and available for presentations to groups, large and small.  For inquiries, please contact our office.

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