As one of the early adopters of the “concierge model,” Dr. Larry Greenblatt had grown tired of the relentless work and high levels of chaos under a traditional insurance model that was based on patient volume.

As a physician, I have always been focused on giving my patients quality care,” admitted Dr. Greenblatt, “The insurance model compromised my ability to to provide the level of care my patients deserved, nor was it conducive to my health, preventing me from having any semblance of a balanced life.

In 2003, Dr. Larry Greenblatt embraced the retainer model and founded Care Medical Associates. PLLC.  He opened a direct primary care office that fulfilled his potential as a physician and strengthened his connection with patients.

And, what started out as a general practice soon evolved into a highly specialized practice that helps patients live longer, feel better and live healthier. Dr. Greenblatt is now saving lives by utilizing the BaleDoneen Method ™ as a guiding principle that prevents patients from having heart attacks, strokes or chronic disease.

Care Medical Associates also provides specialized aviation healthcare. Following his childhood passion for airplanes, Dr. Greenblatt became an FAA authorized Aviation Medical Examiner (AME) in 1979. Now one of the most sought after FAA-authorized AMEs in the Northwest, he continues to keep pilots healthy and flying by providing advocacy and a pilot-friendly approach.

Sports medicine is another specialized service offered to patients of Care Medical Associates. For over 20 years, Dr. Greenblatt worked with athletes of all ages and disciplines within and outside Issaquah School District. He chaired the Sports Medicine Advisory Committee until 2006 and continues to utilize his sports medicine skills to keep his patient-athletes in the game.

Currently, Care Medical Associates is responsible for approximately 300 patients and is providing safe and compassionate care—care that is optimal and uniquely designed with the patient in mind.