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CMA Private Healthcare Program

Dr. Greenblatt’s private health care program focuses on helping you live longer, feel better and live healthier. When was the last time you had a physician who took an active interest in helping you achieve your optimal health? Having a physician you can rely on makes all of the difference—one who especially helps you keep up with your lifestyle. Dr. Greenblatt’s private health care program is designed to do just that.

At Care Medical Associates, you can expect to receive 24/7 access to a top-rated, board-certified physician; quick, expedited coordination of referrals to specialists; longer, more comprehensive appointments; individualized, preventative wellness plans; and much more.

“When patients come to Care Medical Associates, they are looking for a physician who will take an active interest in keeping them healthy and out of the hospital—someone who will be their ‘health advocate’ or ‘coach’ and help them live their lives to the fullest. We take pride in helping them achieve this through improved systems, technology, education and advocacy.”

—Dr. Larry Greenblatt