2 01, 2019

Bale Doneen Heart Talk December 2018

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Happy New Year to our entire Care Medical Associates family! We hope you had a fun and (moderately) healthy holiday season to finish out the year.   Are you committing to a healthier 2019? In December’s Heart Talk BaleDoneen Method newsletter Dr. Greenblatt discusses seven heart-smart resolutions and how to maintain them past January 31st. [...]

13 11, 2018

Bale Doneen Heart Talk October 2018

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Since 2010 Dr. Greenblatt has advocated for the BaleDoneen Method for heart attack and stroke prevention. He’s now a contributor to the BaleDoneen Method newsletter, discussing myths and offering insights about how to live a heart-healthy life. We’ll be sharing the newsletter here on the CMA blog every month, so stay tuned for regular updates [...]

31 12, 2014

What Are Aviation Testing Requirements & Implications For Being Color Blind

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Color blindness can be an issue if one wishes to hold a first or second class medical certification, or does not wish to be limited by the inability to fly at night with a third class medical certification. However, depending upon the “degree” or intensity of color blindness, you can obtain a medical waiver that [...]

31 12, 2014

Overcoming Your Fear of Vaccinations

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Don’t feel alone in your fear of vaccinations for there are a number of reasons why people avoid them. Fear of contracting the actual disease is a common belief. However, this is not possible with most vaccines. The reason? Like a car without an engine, most vaccines are inactivated. The virus in the vaccine has [...]