Forget about long waits in the waiting room, Care Medical Associates will see you in a time frame that works best for you—often on the same day that you call. Advanced scheduling is available, if desired. Special arrangements can also be made to see you before or after our regular office hours.

Our office is open Monday – Thursday, 8:30 – 4:30pm; and Friday 8:30 to noon.

You no longer have to be seen by unfamiliar doctors in a late night urgent care facility. Care Medical Associates provides you with round-the-clock access to a CMA physician through our 24-hour answering service. Every phone call will be returned within 20 minutes.

Simply call our office at 425-637-0636.

Treatment options can be more flexible because your physician and service staff will know you personally. We will make every effort to consult and communicate in a manner that is the most convenient for you, including email. For direct access to your CMA physician and staff, contact:

Dr. Greenblatt:
Nursing Staff:
Sue (Reception/Scheduling):

Our Healthcare Home

Visiting our CMA home is not like a usual trip to a doctor’s office.  We’ve created a setting for our patients that is comfortable, warm and relaxing.  From the soothing sounds of water, to the comfort of a place to put your feet up or a table for your laptop, we hope to make every person feel welcome and at ease.  You won’t sit in our “family room” very long, but you will have time to indulge in a fresh baked treat!

Care Medical Associates’ boutique healthcare environment has been bringing direct patient care to individuals and their families since 2003.

One of the first concierge physicians to emerge in the Eastside, Dr. Greenblatt brings back the “doctor-patient” care that was the norm many years ago. CMA offers enhanced medical care, flexible scheduling and physician accessibility that are rare in today’s healthcare environment. Instead of feeling like a number or a name on a chart, CMA patients receive a tailored plan that promotes an active, healthy lifestyle. They feel treated like real patients, with real healthcare concerns; and they are given as much time as they need with the doctor to answer questions, without being rushed through an examination.

The CMA staff are also warm and friendly and extremely knowledgeable. They will schedule your appointment right away. No more waiting. No more hassles.  We invite you to explore the benefits of concierge medical care at Care Medical Associates.

“If we practice prevention, if we listen to our minds and bodies, if we nurture each other and ourselves, then we will provide ourselves with the optimum components for wellness. I believe in helping my patients understand the mechanisms of illness and disease by providing the education necessary for prevention and healing.”

—Dr. Larry Greenblatt, DO