In order to provide extraordinary service and physician access, CMA cares for a fraction of the number of patients seen by traditional medical practices. This allows us to offer our patients a more personal, accessible and accommodating style of healthcare. The retainer fee covers the cost of the first-class services, and allows you to be cared for in an exclusive, patient-dedicated environment.
Your retainer fee covers the cost of all care and enhanced services received from your CMA physician. For example, same day or next day appointments, longer appointments at your convenience and email/fax/phone access to your physician.
Services received outside of CMA for special procedures, tests or hospitalizations will be the financial responsibility of you or your insurance carrier. CMA will work to facilitate your care and encourage a more stress-free process when unusual needs and situations arise.
The CMA retainer fee is not designed to replace your personal healthcare insurance. Dr. Greenblatt works with most insurance plans. During your initial interview, we will discuss how CMA participates with your insurance coverage.
Your CMA physician will be able to manage the majority of your concerns. When the need for outside services does arise, we will help you through that process. We will assist with all the necessary steps, from choosing a specialist, to coordinating referrals or hospitalization, thus facilitating a more positive experience.
Dr. Greenblatt is a highly respected family doctor with extensive experience in heart and stroke prevention, sports medicine and aviation medicine. This combination offers unique insight and care advantages compared to others. At CMA, we are able to care for people of ALL ages.

Our retainer fee is one of the most affordable of all the concierge practices in our region, allowing greater accessibility to our outstanding service and skills.

Finally, our attentive environment is second to none. We understand that in healthcare, it’s all about you!

If you value a personalized relationship where your doctor knows who you are, cares about you as a person, has enough time to listen to you and work with you in a way that says you are important, then Care Medical Associates is for you. We believe this is the way healthcare was meant to be delivered: with exceptional compassion, convenience and service.
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