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Lawrence J Greenblatt, D.O.

If you ask Dr. Larry Greenblatt to describe himself, he might say that he is a board-certified family and sports medicine physician from Bellevue, WA.  To his patients, Dr. Larry is more than just a title. He is described as being both their mental and health therapist (best of both worlds) who is warm, caring, thorough, compassionate and committed to helping people live optimally well.

Believing no one should ever have a heart or stoke attack caused by damaged blood vessels, Dr. Greenblatt now specializes in the prevention of cardiovascular disease and strokes utilizing the BaleDoneen Method ™ as the guiding principle.

When Dr. Larry isn’t working, he enjoys traveling, athletic activities and spending time with his friends and family. When he has the time, reading is also a wonderful luxury. He adores his wife and two children and takes great pleasure in being able to travel with them.

Humble Beginnings

Dr. Greenblatt began his career in the summer of 1977 after graduating from the College of Osteopathic Medicine and Surgery in Des Moines, Iowa. He took an internship in Seattle, WA and soon thereafter set up a solo practice in Issaquah, Washington.

For 23 years, Dr. Larry worked tirelessly under the insurance model and saw thousands of patients. It wasn’t long before he neared burnout. In 2003, Dr. Greenblatt moved his practice to Bellevue, WA and converted his fee-for-service style of medicine into a retainer fee-based practice. As one of the early adopters of the “direct patient care / concierge model,” Dr. Larry was finally allowed to provide individualized, longitudinal care to a much smaller number of patients.

“I’m really happy with how this practice has grown and evolved,” exclaimed Dr. Larry. “I will never be satisifed until everyone has heard my message and is helping themselves live longer, feel better and live healthier.”

Other Interesting Facts About Dr. Greenblatt

  • Dr. Greenblatt is a speaker for the BaleDoneen Method ™ and available for presentations to groups, large and small.  For inquiries, please contact our office.
  • He is one of the busiest Aviation Medical Examiners in the Northwest.  Learn more.
  • He is an active member in the Rotary Club of Issaquah and the Northwest Small Business Roundtable, a group of trusted business advisors.
  • At least four times a year, Dr. Greenblatt volunteers his time and resources to RotoCare Puget Sound, a free clinic sponsored by rotary clubs in King County for people who can’t afford healthcare.
  • He spent years volunteering as the team physician for Issaquah and Liberty High Schools.
  • Dr. Greenblatt has been a medical consultant to the Issaquah School District.
  • He has been a medical advisor to the Washington State Special Olympics, as well as the Issaquah Police Department and Eastside Fire and Rescue.
“What keeps me excited about coming to work each morning is knowing that I’m making a difference in my patients’ lives now and in the future. Hopefully, what they learn from me carries beyond the time I stop working.”

—Dr. Larry Greenblatt